Friday, November 13, 2009

Belgium - Day 1

False Start.

I had packed my bags, locked my door, gotten rid of any and all spoilable foods, and now I was headed off to Belgium. After fumbling around for my ticket information at the trainstation (and therein laying all of my stuff out somehow across the floor so that I was now not only taking up 1 electronic stall, but all 3), I got my ticket and headed towards the check-in and swiped myself in.

Beep... and spits it back out.


I turn around to find a rather obscure looking man with what appeared to be large 70's glasses (the really thick ones that take up your entire face) holding my ticket. He speaks plainly. "Sorry, your train has been canceled." "... Seriously?" "Yes sir - seriously."

Apparently there had been a strike in Belgium for those who worked at the train station. Luckily, it ended at 10pm that night (my train got in at 9:00 so it had to be canceled). I stayed calm under pressure rather unlike Harry in this Scene of Home Alone 2 (you remember it), and went right to the ticket counter for the next ticket out to Belgium.


And thus begins my long journey.

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