Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've Started My Blog!

To chronicle my adventures through the depths and heart of London, from the pubs to the subs(ways)... i mean the chube... to tell of stories both of jahonkin' and jaheekin' sizes... from the big news of my wedding (which apparently will happen on November 29th of this year according to a facebook quiz... I am still single as of September 19th) to small news like spilling juice on my pants (excuse me England! TROUSERS!) making me look like I awkwardly urinated upon myself. I hope this serves as a vehicle for me to communicate my adventures to the world (aka my friends back at home who care enough to know what's going on in my meandering life). Thanks for reading and be prepared for stories of astounding adventure and abysmal awkwardness in an all-around astute way.

I will end with a dance. *dance*


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