Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jet-Lag and Layovers are the Bane of my Existence

After rising early in the morning to take my 10:00am flight (somewhere around that time), after having gotten only 4 hours of sleep (finishing some last minute facebooking, forensics pieces for students, letters, packing, facebooking, more packing, and more facebooking), I arrived at the airport at 1:00pm after having a long flight with a woman who continued to talk to me about Democratic politics even though it was clearly apparent I was tired out of my mind and just wanted to sleep. Nonetheless, it's nice meeting new people, even if I will probably ever see them again (which is really odd if you think about - how many times do we meet people, make good conversation, and then end your parting with "I'll talk to you later".... ummm... I don't believe we will... unless I see you in heaven... which could be a probability I guess?.... but still, "talk to you later" is not the proper term to use there... What do we use there? "Bye!" feels so rushed and uncourteous, but you can't say anything with "talk to" or "see you", for both of these would be untrue... just food for thought...). So I slept lightly on the plane and then got off the plane and had a good ol' American Cheeseburger for the last time in a while. It had Tomato, Lettuce, Onion Rings, and BBQ Sauce *salivates in mouth*.

I then set out to look for my IFSA-Butler group, though didn't expect to find anyone 8 hours before take-off (yes, EIGHT HOURS). I find a good group though. About 6 or 7 girls. More people started to show up. Another girl. Another girl. Another girl.... jeez, were there any other guys doing this program? Some of the girls started talking about make-up... shoot me in the face...

Other guys did show up though. We talked about sports... I love the awkwardness that sometimes comes with meeting new people and after you've run out of all the "stereotypical" topics (Name? Hometown? College? Extracurriculars?). Some people can't stand it, but I revel in it... okay, that's a lie. I can't stand it either. I reverted back to my stereotypical topics of discussion I know a decent amount about: Sports and "back in the day." You won't believe how long a philosophical discussion on Harry Potter can last!

I found that of the 30-40 people who ended up being the group, only one other person was going to City University with me.

On the plane, I got to read the current book I'm trying to get through "Just Like Jesus," by Max Lucado. I'll be posting more about it I'm sure later... I then also found a girl who wants to find a good home church while here. We're going to go church hunting on Sunday (starting with Holy Trinity Brompton - which I think I'll at least enjoy).

Lastly, I hardly got any sleep on the plane (Economy compared to First-Class is like sleeping on a pile of jello comparatively to a pile of porcupines and midgets). Therefore, as soon as I got to my room, I slept for 4 hours.

Bad idea.

I then went to bed at 10 that night after a nice dinner with the other kids... and didn't actually "fall asleep" until 4:00am... It was a loonnnnggg day.

My battery's running low, hence the hurried rush to the end. I'll write more tomorrow. Until then!

- AustinLostinLondon

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